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The price of fence netting is a measure of standard zhun

Guardian Net Price Measurement Standard   

The price of the fence is not called out, but based on capital. It can also be said that the price of fence nets is based on quality. For products of the same material and technology, the better the quality, the higher the cost, and the higher the price is naturally. Therefore, quality is the measure of the price of fence netting.

The quality of fence netting includes two aspects: one is quality, that is, material. People know that iron fence nets and stainless steel fence nets are very different in quality, whether it is anti-corrosion function. , There is still a big gap in the viewing.

Quantity is the difference in quantity on the basis of quality. For a simple example, a 2mm thick angle iron is naturally different from a 5mm thick angle iron. This is the difference in quantity. Quality and quantity coexist, so we all call it quality. Quality is the quality of quality, and quantity is the quantity of quality. Both are indispensable.

There are many types of fence netting, including road fence netting, railway fence netting, breedingfencing netting, stadiumfencing netting< /u>, prison fence nets, community fence nets, factory fence nets, workshop storage barrier nets, enclosure fence nets, etc. Different fence nets have different crafts and quality. Here we only talk about the relationship between the quality and price of the same kind of craft fence. As for the fence nets of different crafts, we will introduce them in detail in the following chapters.
Guardian net price measurement standard zhun