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What Is the Quickest and Best Way to Get Ripped?

The best way to get ripped is to work your hardest and follow all of the major guidelines to building muscle and losing fat as quickly as possible. It is not going to be easy, but you can definitely make a lot of progress over a few short weeks if you are willing to put the hard work forward and reach your goals.

You may think that getting ripped is all about intense workouts and going to the gym, but there is more to it than you would think at first glance.

You are going to need plenty of protein and taking protein supplements is a major part of the best way to get ripped. You will only be able to get so much protein in your regular diet, so it’s important to make sure you can get as much protein into your body as possible.

In addition to protein, you will want to make sure to eat plenty of vegetables because they will help you cut the fat and make sure you aren’t getting any greasy, fatty foods into your system.

Your philosophy when it comes to getting ripped should be that working out and eating the right foods are equally important.

You aren’t going to be working out every day because your body needs time to rest, but you should definitely do heavy weightlifting at least three times per week. You have to be heavily motivated to become ripped in a short period of time and not many people have the tenacity to get through it.

Exercises and the best way to get ripped

If you are a little overweight right now then the best way to get ripped would be to first lose that fat all over your body. You can do this with intense cardio workouts and this will dramatically improve your overall health in the short term. once you have lost a lot of the fat on your body, you can then move onto focusing on your heavy lifting exercises.

Some people think it’s all about how many lifts you can do with your weights to show off how strong you are but you are actually going to want to only do a few lifts of your maximum potential.

Fewer reps of heavier weights will lead to larger muscles while many reps of smaller weights will just work towards toning your muscle. When you want to get ripped, you are going to need to do the types of exercises that help your muscles grow in the shortest period of time.

Pick a rather specific diet

If you want to know the best way to get ripped in a short amount of time then you will have to follow a strict diet. You can eat plenty of foods every day, but you are going to have to limit yourself to green vegetables and poultry for the most part. You can break away from your diet very often if you want to speed up this muscle building process.