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The use and advantages of frame fence

Umbrellas around us, the use and advantages of the framefence net

By the railway, in the school, in the sports field, you may see them surrounded by a neatly interlaced iron net. Yes, the name of the iron net is called the frame fence. Like a natural barrier, it acts as a barrier to undesirable objects from the outside world and provides a different kind of protection to the people in the net. Some people don't like the feeling of being trapped, just like the cattle and sheep in the prairie, boundlessness can be unrestrained, but we are fragile humans, different from animals, so we need a barrier to protect our lives.

What is a frame fence net

What is a frame fence? The frame fence is also called "frame type anti-climbing welded sheet net", "frame isolation fence" and so on. It is a very flexible product, widely used in China's roads, railways, highways, etc.;

The advantages of frame fence net

The advantages of frame fence netting are wide-ranging and more popular than ordinary fence netting. The column can be processed into a movable form, which is convenient for users to use in different occasions. In addition, the frame-type fence netting has very good impact resistance. The bearing capacity of the general fence net should be doubled. Beautiful, durable, non-deformable, and quick to install, it is an ideal metal mesh wall, which has been widely used in various industries.

The purpose of frame fence net

The use of frame fence nets is really diverse. It can be used for municipal green space, garden flower beds, unit green space, roads, airports, port green space fences, and can also be used in railway closed nets, highway closed nets, field fences, community fences, various stadiums, industrial, mining and school isolation and Protection.

And highway fence net can be divided according to its style: triangularbend fence net, frame fence net, Dutch net fence, double circle Fence nets, bilateral wire fence nets, barbed wire fence nets, etc. Surface colors are available: white, green, dark green, grass green, black, blue, yellow, etc. The frame fence uses high-quality wire rods as raw materials, and is welded mesh protected by three layers of galvanized, pre-primer and high-adhesion powder spraying. It has the characteristics of long-term corrosion resistance and UV resistance.

With the frame fence, people don't need to worry about volleyball, badminton or basketball suddenly rushing out when walking in the sports field, because they have been blocked by the frame fence in time. With the frame fence, it may be possible to reduce the occurrence of railway tragedies. Sometimes because of the lack of a layer of nets, people are greedy for convenience and cross the rails, which leads to tragedies. Therefore, the frame fence is responsible for people’s lives. network. With the frame fence net, the safety of students also has a natural protective umbrella, blocking the complex world outside, and swimming in the ocean of knowledge.
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