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Fruit Topping and Glaze Recipes

Fruit Topping and Glaze
Place cut fruit and or berries in a decorative pattern on top of the custard filling.Measure ½ cup of apple jelly and 1 tbsp water
and put in a saucepan. Heat until apple jelly has melted. Let stand for 5 minutes. Carefully pour the warm glaze over the fruit flan.
Each serving has 38 grams of oat flour.
Pie Pastry
Source: Sandra Henrico
Yield: 1- 9 inch pie plate – 10 servings
1 ½ cup Oat flour * 375 ml
½ cup Tapioca flour 125 ml
1 tbsp Sugar 15 ml
½ cup Semi-salted butter 100 ml
1 Egg yolk 1
1 tbsp Lemon juice 15 ml
Measure oat flour, tapioca flour and sugar into a large bowl. Cut the butter into 1 inch pieces
and add to the flour mixture. Cut the butter into the flour mixture with pastry blender or
two knives or fingers until the mixture looks like coarse sand. Add the egg yolk and lemon
juice to the butter flour mixture and mix together with a fork until the mixture begins to
hold together. Refrigerate for 10 minutes.Empty chilled pastry onto a piece of waxed
paper large enough to accommodate a 12-inch circle of rolled pastry. Cover with another
piece of waxed paper and roll out. Remove the top waxed paper and turn the pastry into a pie

plate. Slowly remove the waxed paper and fit the pastry into the pan.
For cooked filling – Cover the pastry with a piece of parchment paper and weight it down
with pastry beads. Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees F. Remove parchment paper and
continue baking for 8 minutes. Fill with cooked filling.
For uncooked filling – Add filling and use scraps of pastry to make cut outs for the top of
your pie. Bake according to the pie directions. Each serving has 38 grams of oat flour.

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