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Process flow of making fence net for construction site foundation pit

The production process of the construction sitefoundation guardrail net

   Construction siteFoundation pitFence fence Generally there are two types: one is steel wire mesh and frame welding, the other is square tube welding, I will use steel wire below Net plus frame welding to clarify the manufacturing process of the foundation pitfence net, you can understand this other kind of square tube welding.

   First, select data suppliers according to company rules and purchase them (wire rods, iron wires, pipes)--Incoming inspection---Debugging of machines and production of meshes---Inspection of the first piece and progress inspection of bulk goods-- -Mold manufacturing, structure blanking and welding --- first piece inspection and progress inspection-mesh and structure connection (welding) --- first piece inspection and progress inspection.

   Column blanking, bending forming, edge ear welding---first piece inspection and process inspection---matching device inspection---electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanizing treatment and inspection---dipping treatment and inspection- --Product random inspection or full inspection---Warehousing---transportation.

   Mesh welding process: purchase wire rod or iron wire--verify raw material---sampling inspection of large drawn and cold drawn wire---straighten and cut and measure wire diameter at any time---tested and tested the first mesh ---Batch production and process inspection---Sampling inspection of all meshes on the manufacturing process of the construction site foundation pit fence.

   Screen frame welding process: purchase the required frame pipe material-check the wall thickness and length component-mold manufacturing and inspection-blanking and cutting--welding frame-mesh and frame welding-the first set of screen frames and Column structure device inspection-batch welding production-process inspection-bulk inventory and random inspection-semi-product inventory or storage.

   Column manufacturing process: purchase iron pipes of the required size-check the wall thickness and length components-mold manufacturing and inspection-blanking and cutting-bending forming-welding ears-the first column on the list Side ear size inspection (or structural device with screen frame)-batch welding-process sampling-bulk inventory or storage.

Technical process of making fence net for co<em></em>nstruction site foundation pit