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Product Knowledge of Triangular Bend Fence Mesh

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Triangular bending fence products (GOOGLE PRoduct) knowledge (zhī shí), material quality: Q 235 low carbon (C) (Low carbon) cold drawn steel wire

(1). Plastic coated wire diameter 4.0mm

(2). The fence post can be round or square, and the mesh grid is mostly rectangular, and the wire warp is relatively large. The mesh body has various forms, simple structure, solidity and beauty, and it not only plays a role of isolation and protection but also a decoration. Fence netting, also called fence netting, is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire, welded and welded. Plastic spraying, galvanizing, dipping. Mesh 75mm X 200mm

(3) Installed size (size): 3000mm X1800mm

(4) Column: ¢48X2200mm steel pipe (steel pipe).

(5). Fence nets are also called protective nets. Due to regional differences, southerners are accustomed to calling it "isolation fences, and northerners are accustomed to calling fences. my country's fence nets are mainly divided into: garden fence nets, railway fence nets, bridge fence nets, high-speed highway fences, sports fences, and airports Purse seine, etc. (extremely versatile). The fence net is divided into: frame fence net, triangle bent fence net, bilateral wire fence net, double circle fence net, wave-shaped fence net, Stadium fence netting, razor wire fence netting, barbed wire fence netting, pvc coated wire fence netting, etc. (various types). Connection method: combined installation

(6). Anti-corrosion treatment: hot-dip plastic, features: good rigidity, simple structure, easy to install. Triangular bending fence net structure: Welded with high-strength (strength) cold-drawn wire and low-carbon (Low carbon) steel wire and then hydraulically formed, and fixed with link accessories and steel pipe (steel pipe) pillars ( fixed). The pitch protection net (responsibility: provide protection, anti-theft, and anti-falling objects for life) pillar spacing should be considered based on the height of the purse seine and the depth of the foundation (consider), generally 1.80 meters-2.0. Rice is appropriate. The metal protective net is beautiful and durable, does not deform, and is quick to install. It is an ideal metal fence product. Use range: Mainly used for park/zoo fence, campus/field fence, road traffic isolation, temporary isolation zone. The price of the protective net is spot-welded with high-quality low-carbon steel wire with a diameter of 4mm, mesh (mm) 75x150 length X width (mm) 1800x3000 frame (mm) 20x30x1.5 plastic thickness (mm) 0.7-0.8 plastic dipping Rear (mm) 4.8 Column (mm) diameter 48x2x2200 Embedded foundation (mm) 500x300x300 The height of the fence on both sides of the stadium protection net is 3 meters, and the two ends are 4 meters. If the venue is close to a residential area or a road, its uniform height (jūn yún) is 4 meters or more. In addition, on the side of the tennis court, in order to make it easier for spectators to watch the game, a fence of H=0.80 meters can be set. The height of the retaining net of the roof tennis court is more than 6 meters. The standard spacing of 5 cm of protective net steel wire and the tensile strength of a single wire of more than 100 kg determine that protection and anti-falling objects are its most basic functions. Advantages of triangular bending fence netting: Proper bending creates a unique aesthetic effect (xiàoguǒ) of this product, and the surface is treated with a variety of colors, such as yellow, green, and red. The collocation of the column and the mesh in different colors is even more pleasing. At the same time, this product mostly uses a chassis (chassis) column, and the installation only needs to be installed with an expansion (inflate) bolt (composition: head and screw) Composition), very much quick (righteousness: fast and agile).

Triangular bend fence net use: triangular bend protection (the net has been extensively (extensive) (extensive) used in express routes, highways, railways, airports (airport), factories, factories, residential communities (Community), ports) The protective function of decoration accessories for docks, municipal green spaces, garden flower beds, and green spaces. The triangular bending fence has high strength, good rigidity, beautiful shape, wide field of vision, easy installation, and feels bright and relaxed.
Product knowledge of triangular bending fence mesh