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Introduction What is the peach-shaped column fence

Under the introduction, what is Peach-shaped columnGuardian Net

  The difference between the peach-shaped column fence and the general fence is the column. The column of the peach-shaped column fence is like a heart shape, while the general fence column is a column and a square column. The difference between the peach-shaped column fence and the general fence mesh is due to the requirements of the column. The mesh connected with the peach-shaped column has a strong anti-disassembly function and a good anti-theft effect.

   Peach-shaped column fence is a new product, mainly popular in developed European and American cities and domestic larger cities. The advantage of the peach-shaped column fence: the mesh is embedded in the pre-planned groove at the arbitrary height of the column. The fence becomes a whole that cannot be dismantled, and the device is simple: a quick-push device, without any accessories, suitable for various types.

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Introduction to what is the peach-shaped column fence net