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What are the differences between fence mesh and wire fence

Fence netWhat is the difference between wire fence

What is the difference between    fence and wire fence

   has been engaged in the sales and installation of fence netting for a while. I often hear people say that fence netting products are extremely wide and can be used in various road constructions, fences, communities, and green space construction. Another type of wire fence is also relatively Great use, many customers, when choosing a product, do not know the two very well, which often causes unnecessary trouble. If you want to choose a suitable product, you must first have a general understanding of the selected product, and it must be based on the place of origin. The scope of application is different, choose the appropriate fence net product.

  1, the characteristics of the fence net

   fence netting is a relatively common protective net product. It is made of high-quality wire rods and mesh sheets welded to each other, which is more strong and stable, and is used as a good help in isolation and protection.

  2, the characteristics of barbed wire

   wire fence has an assembled integral frame structure, which is conducive to construction, convenient and fast installation, etc.

   In addition, this kind of wire-like fence has distinct anti-corrosion and durability characteristics. The surface has been tempered, sprayed, and dipped, and the anti-corrosion performance has been greatly enhanced.

   In general, barbed wire and fence netting are both protective and protective products. In the application, there are certain advantages. A comprehensive understanding and analysis of the needs allows us to fully understand the relevant characteristics of fence netting products. This is the only way we can buy it. The products will play an even greater role.

What are the differences between fence and wire fence