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Installation of stadium seine

The installation process of stadium fence

  On-site construction and installation, the product's greatest feature is its flexibility, and the shape and size can be adjusted at any time according to site requirements. Main shopping malls: Stadium fences are mainly used for tennis courts, basketball venues, and generalized venues with higher quality requirements. Stadium fence material: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum-magnesium alloy wire.

   Weaving: Weaving and welding; Standard: 2X3 meters, 2.4X3 meters, 3X3 meters, 3X4 meters, etc.; mesh: 5X5CM, 6X6CM, etc.; silk warp: 3MM--5MM, etc.; column: 60 75 thick-walled round tubes, etc. ; Special standards can be customized according to customer requirements. Uses of stadium fences: mainly used in sports field fences, campus fences, basketball courts, football field fences, volleyball courts Fence nets, and zoo fences, etc.

  The advantages of stadium fence: on-site installation, net post, on-site construction and installation of the fence. The biggest feature of the product is its flexibility. The structure, shape and scale can be adjusted at any time according to site requirements. , Its installation is simple, the web page is flat, the tension is excellent, impact resistance, bump resistance, and not easy to deform. It only requires high net column strength and stretch net skills. It can be installed by professional construction personnel.

   is especially suitable for tennis court fences, basketball court fences, football court fences, volleyball venues and sports training venues within 4 meters in height. Primary shopping malls: tennis courts, basketball venues, and induction venues with high quality requirements. All international standard sports venues (tennis court fence, football field, basketball net fence, hockey field) are used for fence.

    Life: High-density raw plastic, the surface water absorption rate is 0%, resistance to general acids and alkalis, and the service life of the general plastic-coated fence is 5 to 8 years longer. Maintenance: manual protection and maintenance are removed. The dust on the surface will fall naturally after being washed by rain. After stopping use, it can be removed and used as beautification equipment.
Guocheng Installation of Stadium Seine