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Arm Exercises Without Weights for Women

There is no need for weights if women wish to tone the muscles of their arms. There are a lot of arm exercises without weights for women that offer great results but they don’t require any equipment. These are suitable for those who don’t want to make an investment.

Arm Exercises Without Weights for Women

Arm Circles

This exercise is great for the biceps, triceps and the shoulders. For this exercise you have to stand on your feet and raise your arms at a 90 degree angle. Make small circles with the arms. When you feel like you can’t continue, start making circles in the other direction as well.

Triceps Dip

In case of this arm exercise for women without weights you have to sit on a chair and extend your legs while gripping the edge of the chair. Move forward and keep your body above the ground using your arm muscles. Start raising and lowering your body using the triceps muscles.

Inverted Rows

When it comes to the arm exercises without weights for women you should lay on the floor, close to something that you can hold on to.

Grab the edge of that object and raise your upper body from the floor using the biceps muscles. After a few pull-ups, you will feel the biceps working.


Besides this being an exercise for women’s arms without weights, is also makes the core work. Put your feet together and place the hands at shoulder width. The body needs to be parallel with the floor. Straighten the elbows and push yourself up from the floor, then lower your body back.


The women looking for arm exercises without weights for women need a horizontal bar for this exercise. Place the hands shoulder width apart. Grab the bar and pull your body up until your chin touches the bar. Lower yourself back and repeat the exercise.


If you are searching for women’s arm workout without weights, think of this exercise which looks just like a pushup, but the point is to maintain the same position to make the arms work. In this case it is important to ensure that the back is in a straight line.

There are a lot of arm exercises without weights for women so you don’t necessarily need weights to tone the arm muscles. Actually, all you need to have is power of will.