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Briefly introduce the calculation method of fence net

A brief introduction to the calculation method of Guardian Net

   The fence net cannot separate the calculation of the weight and the silk price at the time of quotation. This part is attributed to the accounting of the fence net data. The other part is the processing cost and the profit of the manufacturer. This part is basically fixed and will not change easily. So only need to grasp the data accounting, the accounting of the fence net is basically completed. When the fence netting factory makes the quotation of highway fence, railway fence, breedingfence net, sports fence, etc., they are all selected The details of this method are as follows.

  The accounting method of the fence net data: the accounting of the weight. The weight refers to the weight of all the data of the fence net used, including the net surface, frame, edge ears and pillars. They all have their own calculation formulas, just separate the calculations. The calculation formula of the mesh surface is: weight (kg) = wire diameter (mm) * wire diameter (mm) * total length of wire (m) * 0.00617.

   The frame calculation formula is based on the application data. Different calculation formulas are selected; side ear (kg) = flat iron length (m) * width (m) * thickness (mm) * 7.85; round column kg = (tube outer diameter mm- Wall thickness mm)*wall thickness mm*length m*0.02466; square tube column kg=(short side mm+long side mm-2*wall thickness mm)*wall thickness mm*length m*0.0157.

A brief introduction to the calculation method of the fence net