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The performance characteristics of the anti-theft fence in Taoxingzhu district

Performance characteristics of anti-theft fence net in peach-shaped column community

  Applicable Scope The fence of the villa park generally uses peach-shaped columns, which are mainly used to block and protect highways, villa communities, airports, public places, and scenic viewing areas. The peach-shaped column Y-shaped gill net can also be used for protection of villas, airports and prisons. The characteristics of the peach-shaped column community anti-theft fence are connected by a bent fence piece and a peach-shaped column. The decoration is strong, beautiful and generous, and consolidate the anti-theft.

  The shape feature of the anti-theft fence of the peach-shaped column community is a regular semi-elliptical shape, which resembles a peach shape, so it is called a peach-shaped column. The structure of the column is generally described as a peach-shaped column with a thickness of 1-1.2mm, which is cold-pressed and cold-formed by a machine. The outer side of the cylinder is oval, and the two plates on the inner side are bent outward to form a U-shape, which is the hook part.

   In order to facilitate the connection between the peach-shaped column and the mesh, the inner side of the column is based on the mesh size of the mesh, and N sets of hooking notches are evenly arranged along the length of the column, scattered on both sides of the column. The outside and the outside of the U-shaped hook are hooked. The straight sides of the elliptical cylinder are tangent, effectively avoiding being pryed off, and ensuring the safety function of the guardrail against prying.

  The selection of materials should consider factors such as scene coordination, cooperation with mesh or barbed wire, construction difficulty, anti-theft, etc., and strive to be tailored to local conditions. Regarding the Peach-shaped Column Guardrail Net, the supporting columns are generally steel or steel-plastic columns. Due to cost considerations, in general, the anti-theft fence mesh and metal mesh of Taoxingzhu community are only used in areas with important equipment and high requirements for the scene, such as interchanges, parking area service areas, etc. Peach-shaped post fence should still be used in general road sections.

  Peach and peach-shaped pillar community anti-theft fence surface treatment has three methods of galvanizing, spraying and dipping. After three appearance treatments, the peach-shaped column is more beautiful and generous, and has a certain decoration effect. More importantly, it prolongs the service life of the column and ensures the characteristic of 10 years of non-corruption. We know the method of peach-shaped column fence net column planning.

  The column is the primary support member of the fence. The strength and stability of the column are directly related to the function and life of the barrier fence. The primary consideration in the selection and planning of the column is wind, and the damage caused by humans and animals is considered together. The primary materials of barbed wire fence posts include section steel posts, reinforced concrete posts, wooden posts, composite posts, etc.
Performance characteristics of anti-theft fence in peach-shaped column community