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Tips for buying plastic-coated fence

Tips for buying plastic coated fence net

   In the purchase drawings of fence nets, we often see words such as plastic-coated fence nets, plastic-dipped fence nets, spray-plastic fence nets, plastic-coated fence nets, and PVC fence nets. In fact, they are all coated on the surface of iron fence net Coated with a layer of polyvinyl chloride plastic material. The commonly used plastic coating of fence netting is divided into powder dipping and liquid spraying according to different processes. The fence nets made by these two methods are not easy to distinguish in appearance, but there are certain differences in their application functions. Pay attention to the difference when purchasing. Let's look at several aspects that should be paid attention to when buying plastic-coated fence nets.

   is a wonderful difference between the varieties of plastic-coated fence nets. Plastic-coated fence meshes are divided into two types: plastic-coated before weaving and plastic-coated after weaving. There are three types of plastic-coated fences, chain-link fence, hexagonal fence, and barbed wire fence. They are all processed with plastic-coated steel wire. The fence net is simple to manufacture and easy to operate, and there is no secondary processing.

   There are many fence nets that are coated with plastic after weaving. Most fence nets are of this kind. Its characteristic is that after the fence net is manufactured, it needs to be plasticized twice on the surface, so the process is slightly messy, but Because of the one-time closed plastic coating used in the later period, the effect is clear and the anti-corrosion barrier is very good, which is incomparable with the former.

   Investigate the type of plastic powder used in the plastic-coated fence. Plastic powder is also classified into grades. There are good ones and some poor ones. In addition, a certain amount of foaming agent is often added to the plastic powder. The function is to add the thickness of the plastic powder layer. Needless to say, we should also understand this. Well, the defect is that it will cause the plastic layer to become soft, which is neither beautiful nor simple cracking and aging.

  The good plastic coating has a smooth and smooth appearance, and the texture is firm; the poor plastic coating has a black and shiny appearance, and often has fine bubbles, sometimes pitted. Therefore, carefully investigate and pay attention to the difference, and protect your rights with your own eyes.

   see through the "substance" through the plastic layer. Because it is covered with a layer of plastic skin, people simply ignore the quality of the fence net. This is also a place where fence net manufacturers simply "cut corners". The local areas that need to be inspected mainly include: the diameter of the iron wire, the wall thickness of the pipe, and the variety of the galvanized layer of the fence.
Tips for buying plastic coated fence net