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What are the elements that need to be considered in the design of lawn guardrails

What are the elements to be considered in the design of lawn guardrail

  The lawn guardrail is mainly divided into: pvc lawn guardrail, cement lawn guardrail. Its main purpose is to decorate courtyard green space, garden paths, and urban avenues, with white and beautiful visual effects, making homes, cities, and places where we live more beautiful and beautiful.

   Introduce the elements that need to be considered in the design of lawn guardrail

  1. The composition of the guardrail.

  Guardrail is a long, continuous structure. Because of the design and construction requirements, it is often divided into units and manufactured. The composition of the fence should be beautiful in units; moreover, it should be overall beautiful, repeating continuously over a long distance to produce a sense of rhythmic beauty; the composition of the guardrail should also obey the requirements of the environment. The composition is not only beautiful, but also closely related to the cost. It should be dense and dense, with appropriate materials, and save a little per unit, which is quite impressive overall.

  2, the height of the guardrail.

   The low hurdles are 0.2-0.3 meters, the middle hurdles are 0.8-0.9 meters, and the high hurdles are 1.1-1.3 meters, depending on the location and needs. Generally speaking, low fences are used at the edges of lawns and flower beds to clarify the boundaries. It is also a good decoration and embellishment. In restricted spaces, crowded gates, playgrounds, etc., use middle fences to emphasize orientation; Use high fences to separate the ground, animal cages, and outer walls.

   3. The component of the guardrail.

   In addition to the need for composition, the selection and structure of the guardrail itself are also very elegant. One is to make full use of the height of the cross-section of the rod to increase the strength and facilitate construction; the second is to have a reasonable shape of the rod; the third is to directly define the direction of force transmission on the guardrail.

   4. Design requirements for guardrails.

   The low hurdles should be anti-sit and anti-stepping, so the shape of the low hurdles is sometimes made into a wave shape, sometimes the straight rods face upwards, as long as the shape is good-looking, the structure is firm, and the distance between the rods is larger, which saves the cost. It is easy to maintain; the middle fence is in the place where it is necessary to prevent drilling, and the clearance should not exceed 14 cm. In the place where it is not necessary to prevent drilling, the beautiful composition is the key, but this is not suitable for dangerous and empty places; the high fence must be anti-climbing. Therefore, there should not be too many horizontal members below.

   The above are the elements that need to be considered in the design of lawn guardrail, I hope it can be helpful to you
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