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The use characteristics of municipal guardrail

Using characteristics of municipal guardrail

   Now the development of urban roads everywhere is inseparable from the new look brought by municipal barriers. Perhaps your image of road barriers remains simple and simple. Due to the presence of municipal barriers, The guardrails on all roads not only have the effect of protecting citizens to travel safely, but the municipal guardrails have the beauty that belongs to it. In the big cities with people coming and going, it seems more muddy and untainted.

   Make your day's rhythm a little slower, quietly appreciate the beauty of the day that we haven't noticed before, and you will find that the day is really amazing! Warning function: through the equipment with different shapes and colors of guardrails, this should remind the driver to pay attention to the guardrails, pedestrians and non-motor vehicles on the road, and then achieve the important effect of avoiding traffic accidents.

  Fashionable and beautiful: The municipal fence on the road has different materials, different methods, different shapes and different colors, and the appearance and functions are unique. The municipal fence produced by the fence manufacturer is made of advanced steel pipe materials. It is very resistant.

   Separation of locomotives: municipal guardrails separate motor, non-machine and pedestrian traffic, and the road is longitudinally separated on the section, so that the motor, non-machine and pedestrian lanes are overturned, which advances the safety of road traffic and effectively protects Traffic order. Blocking function: The road municipal barrier will have a certain blocking effect. Pedestrians attempting to cross the street may block bicycles or vehicles that do not comply with traffic standards.

Usage characteristics of municipal guardrail