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Which surface treatment method is better for expanded metal fence

Expanded meshFence mesh Which surface treatment method is better

   Expanded metal mesh is often processed into a fence mesh and then needs to be dipped or sprayed. The intention is to add beauty and corrosion resistance. Which of the two is better? Is the price the same? Plastic sprayed expanded metal fence. Plastic spraying is a process of electrostatic spraying plastic powder on the expanded metal fence after processing, and making it level at high temperature.

  The spray coating is thinner and only about 1-3 mm thick. Because of this, the processed products are more skinny, smooth and smooth, with full curves and harder texture. Commonly used colors include black, white, green, yellow, red, gray, etc. Now it only supports the processing of one color, and it is not possible to make a product with multiple colors. There is room for further changes.

   plastic coated steel mesh fence. Dipping and spraying are completely different. Dipping is to immerse the high-temperature red expanded steel mesh fence into plastic powder to make it naturally adhere and level. Such a plastic layer is thicker, generally about 5 mm thick. Its texture is softer, the plastic coating layer is thicker, and the anti-corrosion effect is better. Compared with sprayed plastic, it has a more textured texture.

  The commonly used colors are green, yellow, white, and blue. Both dipping and spraying of expanded metal fence are very good surface treatment processes. It is difficult to distinguish between the good and the bad in terms of quality and ornamentation, because they have their own strengths, but from the perspective of long-term production, because the dipping Plastics have a great environmental pollution, and it is difficult to change the status quo. Faced with the situation being screened. Plastic spraying is relatively more elegant, and after some technical improvements, it is possible to completely eradicate pollution.
Which surface treatment method of expanded me<em></em>tal fence is better