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How the wire fence is made

How the wirefence net is made

Mesh welding. It is mainly produced by using pre-processed wire into the automatic welding machine. Of course, the wire that meets the specifications is also drawn and cut through different production processes. There is not much entanglement here. The automatic mesh welding machine is not comparable to manual welding. Its welding is a whole row welding, and the welding current is very accurate, the welding quality is very good, and the speed is very fast. It can process a mesh in tens of seconds. . Both the speed and the welding technique are unattainable by manual welding.

frame net welding. This part is also relatively simple, usually manual welding is used. This mechanical welding is somewhat difficult. Put the mesh on the pre-processed square tube frame for combined welding. The frame of the frame Fence is welded by square iron pipes. The commonly used square pipes are 1.5*2.5*1mm/2*3*1.5mm/3*5*2mm. The first is to cut the entire square tube to the required length. Conventionally, it is made into a 3*1.8 meter frame fence net, but each manufacturer has a slight difference in the specific blanking. But 3*1.8 meters will not change after being assembled with the column.

In addition to the conventional ones, a large part of the frame fence netting of the fence netting factory is custom-made by customers, which requires cutting and production according to customer requirements. Note that when the square tube is cut, it is not cut completely, but with a certain angle. The production of general frame fence nets only needs to cut the square tube into a 45 degree angle, but the angled climbing fence net It is necessary to design and process according to the climbing angle.

Surface treatment. The surface treatment of the frame fence net is also divided into many kinds, the commonly used three are spraying treatment, dipping treatment, and hot-dip galvanizing treatment. This is also very complicated in detail. I will give you a detailed introduction in a future article. Here is just a brief introduction. The surface treatment is just a special process to attach a layer of anti-corrosion material to the surface of the frame fence to enhance the anti-corrosion performance. ,Extended service life.
How the wire fence net is made