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Notice to Customers Purchasing Fence

 PurchasingGuardian NetCustomer Notice

   fence wire: low carbon steel cold drawn wire Q235 or Q195 galvanized wire, etc. (usually Q195 material) or stainless steel wire. Choose according to your needs.

  Mesh: Generally 8*16cm7*15cm can also be customized according to customer requirements

   Column: generally round tube (φ48φ60φ75) rectangular tube (40*4040*6050*5060*6040*8050*7080*80), the thickness is selected according to your needs.

  frame: generally square tube (φ19φ22φ32) rectangular tube (15*2020*3030*30), the thickness is selected according to your needs.

How to calculate the cost of    fence net

  1. The thickness of the wire diameter (the thickness of the mesh) before the surface treatment or after the surface treatment.

   2. The size of the mesh is generally rectangular. Other holes can also be made. Whether there are a few bends or bends, specify the specifications

  3. The size of the mesh or the size of a set

  4. Specifications and thickness of the sidebar

  5. Column specifications, thickness and length

  6. Specification and thickness of the flange

  7. Surface treatment method (galvanized, sprayed and dipped)

   Shipping tax receipt:

  1. Transportation issues

   Generally, our company only quotes the ex-factory price. The freight issue is beyond the scope of our ability, because the company also delivers goods through the local logistics company. Time and freight can only be settled on the same day, and can be determined when the goods are shipped. Please forgive me for any discrepancies.

  2. Tax invoice issue

   is usually issued after the full payment is received. Please understand the inconvenience caused.


  The fence mesh allows a certain error in the frame, column, mesh, and mesh. Like other product manufacturing processes, the higher the strict procedures for error requirements, the higher the corresponding production product cost. Therefore, you need to determine the specific tolerances of your products so that you can get a satisfactory product. If there is no special requirement, we will execute it according to the non-standard error.

Instructions for purchasing guardrail net customers