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The fence net that can be seen everywhere has a huge effect

The fence net that can be seen everywhere has a huge effect

   fence net is definitely a very common protective measure. There are countless fence nets beside the airport to the station to the highway, even the communities where we usually live, schools, and flowers. And there are countless types of fences, iron fences, stainless steel fences, and wooden fences.

  The fence is divided into different styles, and different users in different places like and choose differently. For example, many people now like to install wrought iron fences on their balconies. Nowadays, people like wrought iron fences very much, because they feel that such iron fences are not only beautiful and beautiful, but also show their taste invisibly and give people a low-key luxury style. At present, the fences in many high-end residential areas or the small decorative fences outside the villas are also most of the iron fences. Others, like airports or roadsides, choose stainless steel guardrails. The stainless steel guardrail is mainly composed of hollow risers, and the mutual assembly of such risers makes it play a protective role. However, the thickness of the main wall of the stainless steel guardrail has strict standards, and its thickness is 1.2mm according to the national standard. Although the thickness of the riser pipe is not strictly according to the national standard, it should not be less than 0.7mm.

  Different fence nets are suitable for different human rights and are suitable for different occasions, but one thing in common is that all fence nets exist for safety protection and isolation. In particular, although the fence nets on the two sides of the highway can be seen everywhere, they have a great effect. If a vehicle hits the upper side, it will first serve as a good buffer, and secondly, the special fence nets on both sides of the road will also change it. The ability of direction can make the vehicle return to the correct driving direction to a certain extent, which has a great effect on driving safety.
The fence net that can be seen everywher<em></em>e has a huge effect