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Understand the specific uses and advantages of lawn guardrails

Understand the specific uses and advantages of lawn guardrails

   Lawn guardrail has a high share in the guardrail market, and lawn guardrails can be seen everywhere in our lives. Today, let the framed fence net manufacturers and everyone have an in-depth understanding of lawn fences!

The specific purpose of    lawn guardrail:

  1. The fence-type lawn fence can be customized according to the needs of architects and developers. The height of fence fences can form various circulation curves, which is a combination of art and engineering.

  2. The characteristic of the sheltered lawn guardrail is that the scene inside the fence cannot be seen from the outside, and it is mainly used for occasions where privacy is required. There is also a type of shelter and ventilation, which is suitable for the occasions of enjoying the coolness in the courtyard on summer nights.

  3. The heavy-duty lawn guardrail is made of galvanized special-shaped steel coated with PVC, which is suitable for large-scale places or traffic enclosures, especially for occasions that require high strength. It is mainly used for livestock breeding in agriculture, highways, large industrial bases and large entertainment venues.

  4. The garden lawn guardrail is mainly used for the enclosure of garden villas, parks, campuses, churches, apartments, seaside vacation houses and seaside parks.

  5. The flowerbed lawn guardrail is a short and small guardrail, suitable for grassland, entertainment venues, villas and parks.

  6. The stair guardrail is usually painted with wood grain, which has the effect of beautifying the room environment.

  7. Balcony fences are used to embellish and protect balconies and roof channels, and are suitable for villas, churches, campuses, apartments, seaside leisure houses and other places.

   8. Gardens and community lawn guardrails are usually white, which is suitable for the enclosure of villas and residential apartments.

  9. The pavilion and flower stand pavilion is an assembled layout, which is not only very beautiful, but also very convenient to install, and it is pleasing to the eye; the flower stand can turn the backyard of the villa into a splendid garden and expand the home space.

The advantages of    lawn guardrail

   1. The lawn guardrail is maintenance-free daily, has a long service life, and is free of maintenance work and maintenance fees, so the overall cost is low.

  2. The production and installation of lawn guardrails is simple and quick, and does not require a professional construction team. The installation can be completed in a short time by means of sockets and improve efficiency.

  3. The lawn guardrail has a complete range of specifications and can choose a variety of different materials. The craftsmanship combines European and American style and popular fashion elements, showing noble and modern beauty.

  4. The lawn fence is safe and environmentally friendly. Even if the fence is accidentally touched, it will not hurt people like steel or iron fences.
Understand the specific uses and advantages of lawn guardrails