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Introduce the layout rules of traffic guardrails

Introduce the layout rules of traffic guardrail

Traffic guardrail is an important part of highway traffic safety facilities. Using its own elastoplastic deformation and friction with the vehicle, the body enters to absorb the energy of the car collision to achieve the purpose of safety protection. A reasonable safety fence can not only absorb the impact to the maximum extent. , Reduce the mask for the driver and occupant injuries. To reduce the severity of the accident, it can also induce the driver's line of sight to make it clear the road profile and linearity of the direction, improve driving safety, test pit deep conditions on the road, usually set up fences to prevent out-of-control vehicles from entering the deep trench, and protect pedestrians and occupants Security, if the fence cannot safely metamaterial and effectively intercept traffic accidents, it is an obstacle in itself. Therefore, the fence is reasonably designed, and the treatment after the fence is finished, so as not to affect the normal function of the fence core.

The forms of guardrails can be divided into three categories according to their mechanical properties: steel guardrails such as concrete guardrails, semi-rigid guardrails such as corrugated beam guardrails, and flexible guardrails such as cable guardrails. The specific layout principles are as follows:

1. Continuously lay the corrugated beam guardrail with a central partition to prevent vehicles from entering the driving lane, causing greater casualties, and preventing secondary accidents;

2. An ordinary corrugated beam guardrail is installed on the side of the roadbed, and the height of the roadbed is greater than 3m. The reinforced soil corrugated beam guardrails on the roadside are arranged in sections, and the filling height is greater than 8m.

3. On both sides of the bridge and both sides of the passage, a reinforced corrugated beam guardrail and a reinforced corrugated beam guardrail spacer plate on the side of the road are set within 8 meters from the bridge head;

4. Reinforced earth guardrails are arranged within 8 meters of both sides of the bridge pier and the bridge body, and a bridge and an independent support are arranged on both sides of the bridge body. Prevent vehicles from hitting the bridge pier;

5. Wave beam guardrails are generally installed in the interchange area;

6. The minimum length of the roadside guardrail is 70 meters. When the distance between two sections of roadside guardrails is less than 100m, two sections shall be set in succession.