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Several factors that determine the value of zinc steel guardrail

Several factors that determine the value of zinc steel guardrail

Zinc steel guardrail mainly depends on the material, followed by the quality of the powder used for the spraying surface, and the quantity. I have calculated that there are about 6 elements: original data and zinc quantity: there are also many zinc steel guardrails. Types, some are formed by rolling galvanized steel, some are not, the price of galvanized steel is also unstable, so the price of zinc steel fence is also turbulent.

In addition, the price is also affected by the amount of zinc. Generally speaking, the surface zinc content of steel is generally 60 to 80g/m2, and the highest zinc content is 275g/m2. The higher the zinc content, the more expensive the price, mainly depending on the buyer's meaning.

Purchasing cost: The price of the original materials used to produce section steel guardrails is relatively high, and for now, the price of the original materials can be controlled on the cost, because the quality of the materials used by each enterprise is different, which makes There are also differences in prices.

Exterior anti-corrosion processing: all fence products, railways, highways, bridges, stadiums, parks, production workshops and other fence equipment will have an anti-corrosion layer on the outside. The appearance looks very smooth, but in fact, anti-corrosion construction methods such as cold galvanizing, hot galvanizing, spraying, and hot dipping are used.