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How to choose a lawn fence

How to choose a lawn fence

Now the country is vigorously building rural reconstruction! Therefore, lawn fences are more and more widely used! We have guardrails beside the flowers and plants we see in parks, flower ponds and roads to protect them from being trampled. This kind of fence is called a lawn fence. Lawn fences are roughly divided into two types. One is galvanized steel. The guardrail pipe is PVC plastic steel and galvanized steel lawn guardrail pipe. The surface of this material is electrostatic sprayed, which is not easy to rust and is not affected by temperature changes. The guardrail has a long service life and good resistance to external forces. PVC plastic steel lawn guardrail is made of PVC material. There is a steel lining on the horizontal bar. The small vertical pipe is fixed on the horizontal rod. The guardrail is light and relatively inexpensive. This material has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that the price is cheap and the colors are various. The disadvantage is that it has poor resistance to external forces and is easily damaged. With the development of economy, zinc-steel lawn guardrails and PVC guardrails have been widely used on both sides of roads.

How to choose a lawn fence, I will explain to you today!

Determine the height of the fence you need. The height of the fence is generally divided into 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2m. Of course, the price is different for different heights.

Understand that the colors you need are usually white, blue, white, green, black, and gray.

Determine the size of the pipe. The vertical tube is generally 19mm * 19mm, the horizontal tube is 40mm * 40mm, and the column is 50mm * 50mm. Other specifications can be customized.

Determine the thickness of the pipe. The vertical pipe is generally 0.7mm, the horizontal pipe is 0.9mm, the column is 1.2mm, fences are fences, and fences and lawn fences are fences.