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Application characteristics of flowerbed lawn guardrail

Appreciate the application characteristics of the flowerbed lawn guardrail

Many years ago, most of the flowerbed lawn guardrails were made of wood. This material can be made at the beginning. It is more beautiful. But after a long time, the problem comes. Everyone knows that the wood is easy to crack and the wind blows. It is normal for the sun to crack, and it will be horrible in a few years.

And it's not environmentally friendly, and a little waste of resources. The advantages and styles of zinc steel lawn fences show the advantages and styles of zinc steel lawn fences. With the transformation of new materials, cast iron fences became more popular in the 1990s. The advantage of this material is its long service life, but it also has obvious shortcomings: it is relatively expensive and will be gradually eliminated in a short time.

With the gradual withdrawal of wood and cast iron from the market for flowerbed lawn guardrails, the real innovation of new materials has arrived: it is PVC green railings, but it also has obvious advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the PVC is very satisfactory at the beginning, the price is low, and the service life is low. Compared with the long photo, in recent years, everyone's request for price has made the quality of PVC materials much worse than before, and the service life has been shortened from ten to twenty years to a few years. But nowadays, the market uses this or more comparisons. Because some municipal projects have a large quantity, PVC is still relatively suitable.

At any time, people recognize that the disadvantages of PVC are recognized and amplified. Nowadays, many customers request that the service life is less than ten years. The gradual appearance of flowerbeds and lawn fences greatly meets the requirements of customers, although the price is higher than that of PVC. Doubled, but the service life and aesthetic level are mostly acceptable to some customers.