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Classification of wall iron fence

Classification of wall iron guardrail

The application of iron fences for fences has a long history. Exquisite ironwork was created in Europe in the 13th century. During the Renaissance, iron art was integrated with simplicity, elegance and liveliness, reaching its heyday. In the 19th century, wrought iron fences became popular as architectural decorative components. Entering China a century ago, it is increasingly being accepted and loved by people with its unique artistic charm, environmental protection and safety characteristics. In cities and villages, in public buildings and private houses, whether modern or classical, you can see beautiful metal iron fences in various forms everywhere. Follow the Shanghai solid wood staircase manufacturer to understand the knowledge of iron fence process flow.

Classification of iron fences:

1. According to the function and purpose of the iron fence of the wall: there are iron art balcony guardrail, iron staircase guardrail, iron air conditioning guardrail, iron peripheral wall guardrail, iron art anti-theft guardrail, etc.

2. According to the process classification of the iron fence: forged iron fence, cast iron fence, welded iron fence, assembled iron fence, etc.

3. Classified according to the style of iron fence: European style iron fence, Chinese style iron fence, etc.

4. Classified according to the practicality of iron art: home decoration iron art, engineering and construction iron art, statue iron art, iron art crafts, fenced iron art, etc.