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Uses of different types of green fences

Uses of different types of green fences

   The fences of the green fence are of different heights, forming various smooth curves, which is a plan that combines art and engineering. So, what are the uses of different types of lawn guardrails?

   Gardens and communities are generally white, which is suitable for the enclosure of villas and residential apartment buildings. The green fence should be used for the enclosure of garden villas, parks, schools, churches, apartments, seaside holiday houses and seaside parks.

  The sheltered green fence cannot see the scenery inside the fence from the outside, so it can be used in occasions where privacy is required. There is also a type of shelter and ventilation, which is suitable for occasions that require cooling in the house on summer nights.

  The heavy-duty green fence is made of galvanized special-shaped steel coated with PVC, which is suitable for large-scale venues or traffic enclosures and occasions that require high strength.

  The flowerbed green fence is a low-profile fence, which is an ideal fence for grassland, entertainment venues, villas, and parks.

   Stairs and green fences are generally wood-grain planning, which can beautify the room environment. The pavilion and flower frame pavilion are assembled structures, which not only reflect the beauty, but also are convenient to install. The place where the pavilion is built makes the environment beautiful. Different types of lawn guardrails have different uses.