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What are the main uses and characteristics of plastic steel guardrails

What are the main uses and characteristics of plastic steel guardrail

Nowadays, in people’s daily life, guardrails can be seen in various places. The use of guardrails is widely planned. Among them, guardrails are mainly divided into lawn guardrails, fence guardrails, community guardrails, route guardrails, balcony guardrails The primary materials of these products are pvc fences and plastic steel fence products. The primary purpose of plastic steel fences is to decorate house oasis, garden paths and urban avenues. It plays a bright and beautiful visual effect. The living environment is more regular and beautiful.

Due to the different requirements for the use of guardrails, the quality requirements of the products are also separated. For example, the color of the fence is brighter, the surface is smooth and the strength is higher, and the resistance of the plastic steel guardrail has an important role in corrosion resistance. The advantages of anti-static, non-fading, non-cracking and non-brittleness, we can see that the plastic steel guardrail is made of high-quality PVC and special additives, and the metal pillar is used as the inner lining, which is high in strength, not easy to rust, and has a long life. Advantage.

The suitable planning of this kind of guardrail is relatively wide. Due to the same structural design, the variety appears. The bearing type connection makes the guardrail easy to be connected at any point of view on the slope or uneven ground, and the equipment can be carried out in different directions. This type of plastic steel guardrail More elastic and high impact resistance than cast iron

Due to the long service life of this kind of products, the plastic steel guardrail adopts anti-ultraviolet stabilizer, and the stability of this kind of guardrail product is relatively superior. It becomes a decorative guardrail product, which can be applied to various urban constructions. Using, clean and wide streets and gorgeous guardrails can embellish the surface of building facilities, making the environment more warm and becoming a perfect combination of elegant and bright surface and tough quality.