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Matters needing attention in the selection and maintenance of garden iron fence

Matters needing attention in the selection and maintenance of garden iron fences

Nowadays, a large part of the iron fence railing products on the market have quality problems. They are obviously newly made railings. After a short time, they will begin to fall off, rust, and corrode, and they are not beautiful at all. Some people may think Say: Iron railings are rusty and corroded. This is normal.

Iron fence railings of general quality are indeed easy to rust and corrode, but when choosing iron fences, you should pay attention to choosing iron fence railings for villas of average quality. In the future, you will not only face the situation of rusting the fence, but also After a rainy day, the rust of the guardrail will leave marks on the wall, severely affecting the beauty.

If you don’t want to worry about rusting and leaving rust marks, when choosing iron fences, you must choose anti-corrosion and rust-proof iron fences. Generally, anti-corrosion and rust-proof iron fences are carefully adjusted with high-quality raw materials. After repeated polishing and three baking finishes, the product is smooth and has no small burrs. The quality of the product will be much better than ordinary products, and it is usually not rusty.

2. To dust off regularly

Because fence products must be installed outdoors, the outdoor environment is not good, dusty, and after a long time, iron products will fall on a layer of dust, which will affect the color of iron art and cause damage to the iron art maintenance coating. Therefore, it is essential to scrub the guardrail regularly with a soft cotton fabric.

3. Pay attention to moisture prevention

In case of heavy fog, after the fog disappears, you need to wipe the water droplets on the guardrail with a dry cotton cloth. If it is rainy, then wipe the water droplets dry after the rain stops. Do not experience exposure to this damage. It will damage the wrought iron guardrail products, and because most areas of our country are violent by acid rain, it is necessary to wipe off the rainwater remaining on the wrought iron immediately after the rain.

4. Stay away from acid and alkali

Acid and alkali are the deadly enemy of iron fences. If the iron fence is accidentally stained with acids (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar, etc.), alkali (such as methyl alcohol, soda water, soapy water, etc.), you should immediately use clean water to touch the local area. Rinse it clean, and then dry it with a dry cotton cloth.

5. To eliminate rust

If the iron fence has started to rust a little, the rust is smaller and shallower, so you can apply a small amount of oil to the rusty area with cotton yarn, wait a while, and then wipe it with a cloth to remove the light rust. The rust has been enlarged and become severe, so it is necessary to ask the relevant technicians to repair it.