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The main points of installation of garden lawn guardrail and the method of setting requirements

Installation essentials of garden lawn guardrail and installation requirements method

1. The quality of the guardrail column and frame. The guardrail column and frame are also a relatively low place. Some regular large factories use angle steel and round steel, but the angle steel and round steel selected in different parts should also be different. .

2. The quality of the guardrails. The guardrails are welded by different specifications of wire rods (iron wires). The diameter and strength of the wire rods directly affect the quality of the mesh. In terms of wire selection, you should choose high-quality products produced by regular manufacturers. The finished iron wire drawn from the wire rod; followed by the welding or weaving process of the mesh. This aspect mainly depends on the skill and operation ability between the technicians and the good production machinery. Usually, a good guardrail is every welding or weaving. The points can be well connected. Some large formal fence production factories in Anping use fully automatic welding machines to produce, while a small factory uses manual welding, and it is usually difficult to maintain the quality.

3. Grasp the overall spraying process of garden lawn guardrails. Generally speaking, the overall protection net should pay attention to the uniformity of spraying, and the quality of the coating is also very important. Thirdly, the management of spraying process and advanced equipment degree.

The installation of garden lawn guardrails is an important step, and the positioning of the columns is also very difficult. Let’s take a look at it together:

First, use a marker to draw horizontal lines on the curb according to the spacing of the columns, and then use a measuring instrument to fit the paragraph according to the edge of the curb and shoulder to obtain an overall smooth line. Then use the string and nails to lay out the partial lines in the direction of the road, and adjust the line repeatedly. , As far as possible to conform to the overall line shape, and finally draw a vertical line perpendicular to the horizontal line on this line to form a cross line, as the center of the pile position, when driving into the column, strictly follow the cross line of the column distance to ensure The basic straightness of the column in the longitudinal direction. Record the position of the pile hammer on the guide rod of the pile driver, and every time a lawn guardrail column is driven in the future, when the pile hammer falls to the recorded position, it indicates that the height of the column meets the design requirements. In single construction, due to the unequal elevation deviation on the top surface of the curb stone, the individual deviation value is relatively large, which is reflected on the top surface of the column to make the line shape uneven, and the height of the column needs to be corrected, which will cost extra cost and time. Therefore, piling money should be pre-controlled on the top surface height of the column. The method is as follows: first measure the top surface elevation of the curb, use a computer to curve-fit the measurement results, refer to the overall road longitudinal curve of the road section to form an overall smooth curve, and calculate the road As long as the adjustment value of the top surface elevation of the curb stone is in accordance with the method of the above lawn guardrail column, the column positioning will be easily fixed, that is, fast and high-quality.