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How to choose the right guardrail for construction site

How to choose the right guardrail for construction site

The site construction fence installed in the construction site is designed to prevent accidents by the construction personnel, and the installation of the foundation pit fence is required by national regulations. The foundation pit fence is suitable for the safety protection of various construction sites, and the eye-catching color Marking can be used to warn workers of dangerous places in advance, and safety should be paid attention to. It is an indispensable construction net for every construction site.

Some customers will habitually say one thing when they buy foundation pitfence nets: cheaper. Speaking of the price of barriers for foundation pits, the next thing we want to talk about is the product quality of barriers for construction sites. What quality product is appropriate? As a manufacturer, what I want to say is: First of all, products with low prices and inferior quality are definitely not required. You can install them after you go back. As a result, a project will break if you don’t have an eye on it, so you have to buy it again, but the cost will be worse. Added again. There is also that our products are mainly used as safety warnings to prevent construction workers from entering the dangerous area. If someone deliberately destroys it, even if you use thick steel pipes, it will not help, so you don’t need to use expensive products. .

The construction site fence is composed of protective mesh and uprights. It is connected by electric welding, which is exquisite and beautiful, good resistance, not afraid of wear, not afraid of rain, more resistant to aging, flexibility, and reusable. The foundation pit guardrail is easy to install, and the supporting screws are shipped with the complete set of foundation pit guardrails. Construction site A warning sign of "Be careful, no overstepping, or beware of falling, etc." can be added between the guardrails, and it can also be hung beside the installed construction guardrail on the construction site. It is strictly forbidden to stack all materials in the cordon near the foundation pit.