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The use of different types of lawn fences in garden fences

Is the material of the landscaping guardrail safe and harmful to the human body

Many people worry that buying lawn fences will be harmful to humans. In fact, the materials of lawn fences are very environmentally friendly, safe, and have no harmful ingredients to humans and animals. In addition, it will not cause certain accidents like steel fences; lawn fences are a common commodity in today's cities, and many people call them PVC plastic steel fences. Its main function is as a protection, fence effect. With the emergence of this kind of goods in different public places and fields, and now there are many professional PVC guardrail installation and production enterprises on the market, it is recommended to pay more attention to comprehensive comparison when purchasing. To understand from the aspects of quality, performance, materials and price. Don't blindly focus on the price, and then ignore the quality of the product itself.

  The new generation of guardrail has a variety of varieties and specifications, in addition, the shape is also very unique and changeable. No matter what kind of environment it is used in, it can set off a modern beauty; in the later use, related companies do not need to carry out painting and other maintenance. This material is characterized by its ability to maintain a relatively new state for a long time. This not only saves manpower and material resources for businesses, but also reduces overall costs. Even if the lawn guardrail is exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time outdoors, it will still not yellow, change color, crack and foam. The average service life of this kind of products is about 20-30 years;

The installation process of the guardrail is very simple and not troublesome. Usually, from production to installation of this product, there will be special connection accessories. It can not only improve installation efficiency, but also be more robust and stable;

3 points of installation

1. The quality of the guardrail column and frame. The guardrail column and frame are also a relatively low place. Some regular large factories use angle steel and round steel, but the angle steel and round steel selected in different parts should also be different. .

2. The quality of the guardrails. The guardrails are welded by different specifications of wire rods (iron wires). The diameter and strength of the wire rods directly affect the quality of the mesh. In terms of wire selection, you should choose high-quality products produced by regular manufacturers. The finished iron wire drawn from the wire rod; followed by the welding or weaving process of the mesh. This aspect mainly depends on the skill and operation ability between the technicians and the good production machinery. Usually, a good guardrail is every welding or weaving. The points can be well connected. Some large formal fence production factories in Anping use fully automatic welding machines to produce, while a small factory uses manual welding, and it is usually difficult to maintain the quality.

3. Grasp the overall spraying process of lawn guardrails. Generally speaking, the overall protection net should pay attention to the uniformity of spraying, and the quality of the coating is also very important. Thirdly, the management of spraying process and the advanced degree of equipment .