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Introduction to the functions and characteristics of municipal fences

Introduction to the functions and characteristics of municipal fences

The function of the municipal anti-glare barrier: Separating function: The traffic barrier separates motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians, and separates the road longitudinally on the section, so that motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians can travel in separate lanes and improve road traffic. The safety of the road has improved the traffic order.

Obstruction function: The traffic barrier will obstruct bad traffic behavior, and obstruct pedestrians, bicycles or motor vehicles that attempt to cross the road. It requires the guardrail to have a certain height, a certain density (referring to the vertical fence), and a certain strength. Warning function: After the device, the outline on the guardrail should be made concise and clear, warning the driver to pay attention to the existence of the guardrail and pay attention to pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles, etc., and then to prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents.

Beautiful function: through different raw materials, different forms, different shapes and different colors of the guardrail, to reach harmony and coordination with the road environment. Municipal anti-glare guardrail features: S-shaped anti-glare guardrail uses S-shaped concave-convex surface and diamond-shaped beam 45 °Fillet welding, the unique concave-convex surface and angle are about the moving vehicle, so that the reflective film has a better reflective effect, and it is safe to enter the walking vehicle.

S-type anti-glare guardrail, using 78mmS-type concave-convex fence, is more user-friendly in planning, which can effectively isolate the lights of vehicles in the opposite lane, reduce the dazzling glare caused by vehicles, and further enter the safety of pedestrians and avoid traffic accidents , Strong anti-collision ability. Exterior treatment process: exterior polyester color powder spraying process, durable and long service life.

If the guardrail is found to be reflective during driving, the driver's attention will be distracted. At the same time, because of the glare of the guardrail, the driver will be temporarily blinded, and then cause safety hazards. Therefore, when purchasing municipal anti-glare barriers, the person in charge of the relevant part will also pay attention to them and concentrate on understanding and paying attention to this problem. Purchasing guardrails with anti-glare effect can effectively ensure the driving safety of drivers and prevent the construction of guardrails due to reflection of some public facilities.