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Details that need to be paid attention to when spraying zinc steel guardrail

Zinc steel guardrailDetails that need attention when spraying

In the process of electrostatic spraying, the primary principle of the zinc steel guardrail is that the primary principle of the industry is that there is a negative pressure high voltage static electricity on the tip of the electrostatic spray gun. When the voltage is high enough, the air near the gun head produces a fierce corona discharge, forming a gas ion area. When the electrostatic spray gun atomizes the paint particles, the atomized particles of the paint are negatively charged.

When the coated workpiece is hung on the grounded conveyor line, there is a positive charge on the surface of the workpiece. According to the principle of electrostatic attraction of opposite charges, the negatively charged coating moves to the work surface, is adsorbed and deposited on the surface of the work piece, forming a uniform and dense paint film, and the work piece is coated.

According to the effect of electrostatic field on electric charge, the process of electrostatic induction coating on the surface of the workpiece is proposed. The commonly used equipment classification is: automatic current control equipment; this equipment can automatically adjust and control current and voltage, and the powder penetrates into the inner and outer surfaces of the workpiece to ensure that you get the quality of the coating.

Electrostatic discharge equipment; when the spray gun approaches the workpiece, the current and voltage are automatically adjusted. Normally, flat workpieces require high voltage, but when spraying concave workpieces, low voltage is required to make the powder penetrate into the concave surface of the workpiece. This equipment will make it easier for your workers to operate.

Special nozzle; adjustable shape, whether round or straight, can be adjusted at will, no need to replace the nozzle. The electrode is clean, and low-speed air can move to the electrode to form a buildup. The equipment can be used to solve this problem and avoid a series of failures that may result.