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What are the functions of the barrier fence?

What are the functions of the barrier fence?

Now that more and more people are buying their own cars, the demand for sharing in our country is constantly increasing. Under this circumstance, the total road distance in our country will increase rapidly every year. In the course of a journey project, it is necessary to use distance isolation barriers, but many people do not know what important role this distance isolation barrier plays in the traffic. This article will give you a brief introduction.

Isolation belt guardrail function one, isolation function

The primary reason why this kind of barrier is called a distance isolation barrier is because its primary function is to divide a journey into different areas. It is believed that many people should be able to find out about some of the more important distances when they are near the city. For example, the main road, then it is very likely to be divided into motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle lanes, and at the same time, pedestrian traffic can be isolated, so that the distance isolation barrier can be effectively cut in the process of use. Different areas can ensure that the different lanes can operate in an orderly manner. At the same time, the distance isolation barrier can also isolate the two directions of the motor vehicle lane, which can effectively avoid the appearance of some retrograde phenomena. It is easier to improve the safety of the road traffic.

The second function of the isolation belt guardrail, the blocking function

Although people’s cultural level is getting higher and higher, in many cities, they still cross roads at will. This is not only a potential safety hazard, but it will also seriously affect the spiritual civilization of the city. Therefore, in the process of municipal engineering production, it will be necessary to use distance isolation barriers. Because distance isolation barriers, it can effectively obstruct all kinds of bad traffic behaviors. It is not easy to effectively obstruct pedestrians from crossing the road. A city can also effectively block all kinds of Vehicles turn around in some places with heavy traffic. only after passing this kind of distance isolation barrier can they really play a useful role, thereby making the distance traffic safer. Therefore, regarding this kind of distance, the isolation barrier is not only a high requirement. , It must also reach a certain strength.

Isolation belt guardrail function three, warning function

This is also a more important role, because as far as the distance isolation barrier is concerned, it occupies a very conspicuous position on the side of the distance, so in this case, whether it is a motor vehicle driver or a pedestrian or a cyclist, they When walking or trekking on the distance, you can clearly see the barrier barrier of the distance. If you can post some warning signs on the barrier at this time, for example, the driving is not standard, the family is two types, etc., so that it can also be achieved. The role of warning drivers, so in this case, the distance isolation barrier can play a vital role, and it is for this reason that such isolation barriers will be used along all major cities. This has become A closely related part of municipal engineering.

I believe that many people should have seen the distance isolation barrier. After the introduction of this article, you should be able to know what functions the distance isolation barrier has after all. Of course, there are many more functions. I will not introduce them one by one here. At the same time, this isolation guardrail also contains different materials and different shapes, and the type is very rich.