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Grilling Fish Recipes

Recipe By: Kathy Pitts in Bryan, TX
Serving Size: 1
Cuisine: American
Main Ingredient: Seafood
Categories: Grill, Seafood

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First choose the right kind of fish.

You want one that is NOT overly delicate or flaky (DO NOT try to grill flounder, cod or pollock. It will NOT work). Consider swordfish, tuna, shark, salmon, orange roughy, trout (boneless whole fish, split open and grilled), mahi mahi, snapper, bass, etc.

Have your heat level fairly low, so the fish doesn't dry out.

Brush the presentation side of the fish (the side that doesnt or didnt have skin on it, if youre using boneless fillets) with butter and whatever seasonings appeal to you (the Lobs standard basting mixture here is about 6 parts of liquid margarine to one part white wine, plus a good bit of seafood seasoning). Place, seasoned side down, on the grill.

Grill briefly (less than 5 minutes for a fish thats less than an inch thick). Brush the second side with butter/seasonings, and turn. Continue grilling until the fish is done (it should JUST flake, but still be moist and tender).