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Some issues that we should all pay attention to about wrought iron fences

Some issues that we should all pay attention to about wrought iron fences

The development of wrought iron fence has a long history, and it is still loved by people. This is not unreasonable. Nowadays, iron fences are used by people. Iron gates, iron fences, and iron ladders can be seen everywhere. As an iron fence using ****, what should we pay attention to? The choice of data depends on three factors: hardness, aesthetics and economic practicality. Ignoring one of them may make you regret, you have no choice but to fill it up. 3. The concept of the iron fence is based on the customer's initial concept, the outline of the iron flower and the production of the fruit. But if we need further correct ideas, we will meet your requirements.

4. The treatment of paint is like the surface of a person's clothing. For outdoor products, please consider accepting "Special Iron Art Derusting Treatment" to ensure that your iron art fence will not rust and paint within 30 years after being installed outdoors. 5. The characteristic fence iron flowers of the entire manual ironmaking machine are mostly cast products. Each shape is handmade. This layout focuses on beauty and nature. Therefore, people put forward extraordinary demands on ideas. Need to consider the feasibility and aesthetics of the shape. The above elements need to be integrated. Occasionally, shapes, layouts, and original graphics appear. Size error. If you need to make according to the original drawing style, please specify in advance. 6. The artistic conception of the iron fence and the products made of iron flowers are the products of unlimited imagination. It chooses the art of iron flower art, absorbs the British style of European iron flower art, constantly updates its concepts and creative techniques, and strives for the art of iron flower art.