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What are the reasons for the popularity of foundation pit fences

What are the reasons for the popularity of foundation pit fences

  Rules, any construction work carried out at a height above 2m above the ground (including 2m) where it is possible to fall is called aerial work. According to this rule, the high-altitude operations involved in the construction profession are quite extensive and can be seen everywhere, such as the edge of the floor, the elevator opening, climbing or hanging in the air, etc.

   These high-altitude operations often produce accidents. In order to facilitate the operation and construction process, the foundation pit guardrail and elevator shaft protection door are more used in construction. It should be known that there are many local operations on the edge. In the construction site, there is no enclosure equipment at the operating margin or the high-altitude operations where the enclosure equipment is less than 80cm in height.

   Some unprotected high-altitude operations on the construction site, such as around the foundation pit, unprotected floors, floors, balconies, and material platforms, will be equipped with foundation pit guardrails and protected. It is useful to prevent accidents caused by accidents caused by construction personnel and objects falling from a height. At the elevator entrances, stair openings, and some equipment and devices on the building floor, the openings are reserved for the equipment (the opening refers to the hole smaller than 25cm on the floor or the floor, and the hole larger than 25cm.

   On the vertical floor or on the ground, the height is less than 75cm as a hole, and the width greater than 75cm is greater than 45cm as a hole) There are also some reserved material feeding openings, passage openings and construction openings. All the above must be equipped with elevator shaft protection doors and safety protection nets. Effective protection against accidents of construction workers falling from a height or accidentally falling objects from the opening of the hole, causing the construction workers below to be impacted by objects, etc.