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How to install ordinary peach-shaped column fence

How to install ordinary peach-shaped columnfence net

  Peach-shaped column fence column planning method we know: the column is the primary support member of the fence network, the strength and stability of the column are directly related to the use effect and life of the isolation fence. The primary consideration in the selection and planning of the column is wind, and the damage caused by humans and animals is also considered.

   The primary materials of the barbed wire fence posts include section steel posts, reinforced concrete posts, wood posts, composite posts, etc. The selection of materials should consider factors such as scene coordination, cooperation with mesh or barbed wire, construction difficulty, and anti-theft, and strive to adapt to local conditions and local conditions.

   For the peach-shaped column fence, the supporting column generally adopts steel or steel-plastic columns. Due to cost considerations, expanded metal mesh and metal mesh are generally only used in areas with important equipment and high requirements for the scene, such as interchanges, parking areas and service areas. Peach-shaped columns should still be used for general road sections. Fence net.

  Peach-shaped column fence is also called bent fence, peach-shaped column fence, triangularbend fence. The product structure uses a unique embedded hook design, so that the fence and the column form a solid whole. Before installation, cut off a small part of the wire ends at the bends at both ends of the mesh. The cut part is roughly T-shaped, otherwise the mesh cannot be hung in the groove of the peach-shaped column.