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How to install the highway fence

How to install the highwayfence net is more appropriate

Highway fence netting is used at both ends of the highway to prevent people from entering the highway fence netting at will. Its technical requirements are plastic dipping on the surface, which has a strong anti-rust effect. The life span is generally about 12 years. The colors are grass green, dark green, white, and so on. The height is generally 1.8m high.

If the column has a chassis, this device is relatively simple. The column chassis cooperates with 4 expansion wires to make the column stand upright on the road, and then screw the mesh on the ear of the column. It is worth noting that, It is necessary for the uprights to stick to the horizontal condition, and the distance between upright and upright is 3m.

The pre-buried highway fence is relatively stable. The pre-buried column means that the column is inserted into the ground 30cm, and then cement is poured to ensure that it will not shake back and forth. Generally, people will dig a pit and then lay the bricks in the pit. Carry out pouring treatment. Note that the columns are straight, and the space between the middle of the column and the middle of the column is 3m.

TriangleBending Fence: It is a very strong fence currently on the market. It is being squeezed into various fields. It is characterized by high cost performance and greater height. , The lines are uneven and very beautiful. The column can be a peach-shaped column or a general column.

  In the maintenance of the beautification belt, white fence nets are often used. The white, safflower, and green leaves are more pure and beautiful. With the improvement of the quality of people’s lives, humanized planning is becoming more and more important. The survival of the fittest will be screened for the unwell. The same applies here. For a long time in the future, white fence nets will still occupy a place in municipal protection projects. China will still be the dominant player.