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Concise, beautiful and practical grid structure of community fence

Communityfence netThe grid structure is concise, beautiful and practical

   Community fence, simple grid structure, beautiful and practical. Easy to transport, installation is not restricted by terrain undulations. Especially for the mountainous slopes and multi-curved areas, the adaptability is very strong. The price is moderately low, suitable for large-scale adoption.

  Prison fence, also known as prison guard fence or prison isolation fence, mainly uses a combination of high-strength razor gill net and ordinary protective net, made of V-shaped The bracket stands upright, a reinforced welded sheet net, a security anti-theft connector and a razor barbed wire. The razor barbed wire is a new type of protective net, which is made of sharp-angled galvanized steel or stainless steel thin plates as blades and steel wire as core wire. Protective equipment.

  Workshop isolation net, used to separate the work areas of different workstations, effectively improve the working environment, and rationally plan the factory and work space; modular components, easy to disassemble and assemble , Strong flexibility; the column can be fastened to the ground with screws to ensure safe use.

The community fence grid structure is concise, beautiful and practical