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How to install the stadium fence?

How to install the stadiumfence net?

   The installation of stadium fence netting is a more troublesome thing for inexperienced customers, because stadium fence netting is more complicated than other fence netting products, the general size is 3*3 Rice and 3*4 meters, there are also double-layered ones.

   Today, let’s talk about the installation steps:

   1. After receiving the stadium fence, the outer packaging of the column must be opened first, and the column must be fixed first. However, one thing must be noted is that the size must be measured. once the column is fixed, it will not be removed. The skin of the column is damaged.

  2. After the column is fixed, start to install the beam. The beam is the simplest to pass directly into the connector of the column

  3. Unpack the fence net, insert the steel bars into the net to spread the net around, then screw the net burrs to the end and fix it, the anti-theft screws are ready, and the steel bars are placed in the connecting grooves on the uprights. Secure it with anti-theft screws. Such a complete stadium fence net has been installed. Now the stadium fence net can be used not only in the stadium, but also in basketball courts, playgrounds, badminton courts, school playgrounds, track and field fields, sports fence nets, sports fields, and golf courses; It is a new type of protection product specially designed for stadiums. This product has a high net body and strong anti-climbing ability.

   Stadium fence is a kind of field fence, which can be constructed and installed on site. The biggest feature of the product is flexibility. The structure, shape and size of the mesh can be adjusted at any time according to requirements. Anping Fence Mesh Factory has a wide range of specifications and types of stadium fencing meshes, and it is one of the professional sports fencing mesh manufacturers.
How to install the stadium fence?