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Vintage Levi's Jeans Guide-Selvedge

     Selvedge is also called'redlines' or akaimimis, which means'red ears' in Japanese, and is located on the inside of the outer seam of jeans. It represents a pair of Levi's vintages or vintage reproductions. Other details must be used to identify the jeans as a vintage or replica.
     The first generation of Levis jeans made of duck down fabric did not contain red or blue threads. They have white lines or white ears.
     It is represented by a white line, and there is no red or blue line "line" passing through the white.
     Blue thread needle-found on Levi's 201 in the early 20th century. Currently most common in old-fashioned replication
     Jeans, such as LVC201. There is a high demand for reproductions and original works by collectors. eBay
     Bidding prices for replicas can be as high as hundreds of dollars, while for primitive people, bidding prices can be as high as thousands of dollars.
     The notorious red line. It was used until the mid-1980s. It may fade to pink or disappear completely due to heavy laundry.

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