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How do frame fence manufacturers choose galvanized fence mesh

frameFence fenceHow do manufacturers choose galvanizedFence fence

 How to choose galvanized fence net

  1. The fence post is mostly square steel pipe, and the frame of the net body is made of small rectangular square pipe. The corresponding positions of the post and the frame are welded to connect the flat iron stamping lugs. The post and the net frame are fixed by bolts on the connecting lugs, and the bottom of the post is welded. The bottom plate and the column bottom plate are fixed to the ground through expansion bolts. Galvanized fence net frame (framework); First of all, it is necessary to choose a suitable fence net frame, using some high-quality angle steel and round steel products, which is convenient for future product management, and the selection of these distinctive fence net frames is particularly important for material selection.

  2. The fence net is divided into: frame fence net, TriangleBend fence net, Bilateral wire fence , Double-circle fence netting, wave-shaped fence netting, stadium fence netting, razor wire fence netting, barbed wire fence netting, PVC coated wire fence netting, etc. (various types). Barbed wire is mainly used to slow down the movement of infantry and vehicles, and is divided into two types: fixed and mobile. The fixed barbed wire fence is constructed with barbed wooden stakes and iron wires; the mobile barbed wire fence is mass-produced by the factory and transported to the battlefield for temporary installation. The diameter is 70-90 cm and the length is about 10 meters. The installation speed is fast and resistant. The damage intensity is high, and it can slow down the actions of vehicles and armored vehicles. Speaking of barbed wire, people usually think of special scenes such as battlefields, prisons, and borders. Indeed, as soon as barbed wire was invented, it was widely used in military and defense engineering; today, in peaceful times, barbed wire is also widely used. Galvanization (zinc) process of fence mesh; generally speaking, high-quality galvanized fence mesh will be extremely uniform on the zinc coat, and choose some high-quality, stable (explanation: stable and stable; No change), Oxygenized anti-corrosion coating is a good choice as the anti-corrosion layer.

  3. Fence nets are also called protective nets. Due to regional differences, southerners are accustomed to calling it "isolation fences, and northerners are accustomed to calling fences. my country's fence nets are mainly divided into: garden fence nets, railway fence nets, bridge fence nets, high-speed highway fences, sports fences, and airports Purse seine, etc. (extremely versatile). Mesh welding process; refers to the rigor of the specific welding and operation process of the technicians when using the fence mesh. Nowadays, most of the mesh manufacturers are from the same. The formal fence mesh manufacturers use fully automatic welding machines to produce. only some of them are manually welded, and the quality will be greatly reduced. When purchasing, users must Identify a lot.

   Generally speaking, suitable galvanization (zinc) fence net products require us to have a systematic understanding of fence net product technology, processing methods, and operating procedures. For common fence net materials in the market, Models, uses, etc., are all well grasped, and will have a greater effect on future purchase and use.

How does the manufacturer of f<em></em>rame fence netting choose galvanized fence netting