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About the source of UFO flying saucers of aliens

   1. The orphans of prehistoric civilization on the earth are related to Daxizhou.

   2. From the Milky Way. Their rides have traveled throughout our galaxy, visited a series of living spheres in the galaxy, and believed that the earth’s civilization is at a ‘medium lower’ level among the civilizations of the galaxy. The spacecraft from the Milky Way represents an extraterrestrial civilization higher than the earth’s civilization, and its crews are more willing to stay on the earth for a long time and come in contact with the earth’s people.

   3. From our universe. The universe in which the people on earth live is not infinitely extending. This universe has a certain scope and contains infinite wisdom civilizations. Compared with most civilizations, earth civilization is very small and low-level. There are some extremely advanced civilizations, the scales of which are large and small, have landed on the earth, and have had contact with earth people, but not often, because ★ those civilizations regard earth people as low-level animals.

   4. The twin universe and many other universes. The spacecraft from the Twin Universe and other universes appear and disappear from time to time, sometimes large and sometimes small, and their shapes are changeable, which is not easy for ordinary people on earth to observe. Most of these vehicles come and go in a hurry, but occasionally pass close to the earth as they travel through the universe.

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  Ummo stars repeatedly mentioned in the letter that the earth is receiving more and more attention from extraterrestrial civilizations. At present, human beings are undergoing a transitional period and the visits of extraterrestrial civilizations will become more frequent. based on their views, they believe that there are four main sources of flying saucers: