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12 U.S. pilots died mysteriously, mysterious creatures hidden in the atmosphere

According to a report by the Russian "Pravda" on July 2, 2008, on September 11, 1948, the Empire State Building in New York suffered a "September 11" attack from birds. Hundreds of birds of different species hit the Empire one after another. The glass windows of the building are as if they are escaping from some invisible predators, trying to crash into the building to take refuge. Some American researchers believe that there may be some unknown translucent creatures in the mid-air atmosphere of the earth, which feed on birds.

12A U.S. pilot died mysteriously, and mysterious creatures hidden in the atmosphere
  Like Aliens, mysterious creatures arouse great interest from scientists

   There are gelatinous organisms in the atmosphere?

American researcher Charles Ford put forward a theory in his book "The Cursed Book": In the mid-air atmosphere of the earth, there is a strange, translucent jellyfish-like creature that has tentacles and Spiked, specializing in predation of birds. For a long time, this theory was ridiculed by many scientists. No one believed that this weird creature would survive in the earth’s atmosphere until American scientists invented a special substance—aerogel. This is a gel substance that seems to be lighter than air. Its state is between solid and gas, and is sometimes called "solid smoke." American researchers believe that if there is an unknown creature in the atmosphere, then the body of this mysterious creature is likely to be composed of a substance similar to aerogel.

   "Monster" found at the door of the detective's house

   This theory was partially confirmed by an event that happened more than 40 years ago. On December 28, 1958, Florida detective Fustin Galligos discovered a strange object outside his home. Galigos later said in an interview that he took this thing in his hand, but could not feel its existence, as if he was holding a mass of air in his hand. It was a translucent ball, the size of a football, but almost no weight. Galligos did not manage to save it, because the translucent ball melted in the air after a few hours. Galligos said that at the time this object gave him the feeling that what he was holding in his hand seemed to be a dead unknown creature.