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Aliens "unearthed"

   The existence of alien has always been a hot topic. News of so-called UFO visits to the earth from all over the world is frequently seen in the media. In the ancient remains and documentary records of our country, images and written records of unidentified creatures are not uncommon. A few days ago, the reporter saw a pottery figurine mold unearthed from the Qin and Han pottery workshops in Meixian County at the Chen Wenguan Institute in Fufengzhao County. Could this be an alien in the eyes of the ancients?

   According to Liu Huaijun, an associate researcher at the Meixian Cultural Center, this broken pottery model was unearthed last year. The site was a large-scale Qin and Han workshop site in Changxing Town, Mei County. Some other human figurines were unearthed at the same place, but they were nothing special. only the humanoid image on this pottery model surprised knowledgeable archaeologists, because they had never seen such a pottery model before.

Aliens "unearthed"

   The humanoid image on this pottery model, apart from the exaggerated large and protruding eyes, only two ears in the facial features can still be distinguished. Or because of the age, his mouth and nose have been blurred. The neck of this humanoid image is also very different from the figures on other pottery models, just like wearing a collar of a space suit.

   So, what exactly is this humanoid image that surprises archaeologists?

Will    be an alien in the eyes of the ancients?

"Science Herald" published an article "Aliens in Ancient Chinese documents" in 2007. The article mentioned that "the earliest aliens in ancient China appeared in the rock paintings of Helan Mountain seven thousand years ago. In those records On the screen of the life of the clan commune, you can see people wearing round helmets and'sealed space suits', which are very similar to modern astronauts. The most amazing is the southern end of Helan Mountain and the one in the east of Ningxia Chonggou. A petroglyph. There are two rotating flying saucers at the top left of the screen. At the opening of the flying saucer, a person wearing a'space suit' is floating down. Animals and people on the ground are running away in horror. This may be an alien. A vivid portrayal of the emergence of Helan Mountain."