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Symptoms of being hijacked

The U.S. Center for UFO Research (CUFOS) recently released a document stating that more than 20 million people on Earth have claimed to have been hijacked by aliens in the past 10 years. What exactly is going on? Is there something wrong with everyone's nerves, or is it true? Scientists seem to have realized something from it.

Symptoms of being hijacked as described by people

Symptoms of being hijacked as described by people

John Mike, a US medical doctor, said that he has been collecting evidence about the abduction of people on Earth by aliens for more than 40 years, but he has not found any mental disorders in these abducted people. Therefore, he himself does not think it is related to strange creatures. The rumors encountered are a kind of scam, not the result of dreams and fantasies.

The "patients" of doctors range from 2 to 60 years old. They described how they were hijacked by aliens and were sent to a spaceship they had never seen before, in a state of being completely conscious or hypnotized. They think that sometimes the mind becomes blurred and it is completely caused by aliens. These aliens seem to disconnect the consciousness of the earth people from the outside. But they still remember clearly as if they were flying in the air, flying through the wall, and finally came to a place where someone performed surgery on them. They still remember the humming in their ears, their bodies trembling, their bodies numb and unable to move, and they were accompanied by an inexplicable fear. People who have been to the "spaceship" will also have spotted rashes, abrasions, inexplicable wounds, and signs of bleeding from the nose and anus.