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A stone will "sing" from March to August

Looking in from the mouth of the drinking hole, the inside is obviously lower than the mouth of the hole.

  ■Every spring and summer, the stone will make a rhythmic and crisp sound, just like playing a musical instrument.

  ■ Suspecting someone is playing mystery, put it in the hole with tape. Several young people set up a long ladder and searched around the stone for a few days, but found nothing in the end.

  ■No matter how big the flood is, it can "drink" into the hole, and then slowly "spit" it out when it's sunny.

"There is a beautiful legend, the exquisite stone can sing. It can give wisdom to the brave, but also to the hardworking. As long as you understand its preciousness, you can get it from the high mountain..."

Yan Weiwen’s popular song "The Legend of Muyu Stone" has a realistic version in Wushan County: In the county's Guandu town, in a cave about 2 meters in diameter, there is a large rock shaped like a big drum. In the spring and summer, the stones will make a rhythmic and crisp sound, just like playing a musical instrument. The locals call it a "sing hole". The legend is that fairies are singing, and those who enter the cave will have good luck as long as they hear the stone "sing".

Not only that, the more mysterious part of the "singing hole" is that it can drink and spit water according to the weather: no matter how big the flood, it can "drink" into the hole, and then slowly "spit" it out when it is sunny, so The small river ditch outside has never been flooded, and the surrounding villagers have been protected from floods for many years. Therefore, ordinary people call it "drinking hole".

   The water flows to a low place, and it is normal for mountain torrents to enter the cave, but why can it flow back out of the cave which is obviously lower than the entrance of the cave on a sunny day? This has become a mystery that the locals have been unable to solve. Therefore, various legends about the "drinking hole" spread slowly, attracting many people to make a special trip to find out.


   Guandu Town is located on the Guandu River on the south bank of the Yangtze River. It covers an area of ​​202.58 square kilometers and has a maximum altitude of 1,750 meters. It is a key central town in Chongqing and a logistics center in the south of the Yangtze River.

   The town is 56 kilometers away from Wushan County, with convenient transportation. It takes one and a half hours to get to Guandu by bus from the county seat, and the fare is 20 yuan. After arriving at Guandu Town, take a 20-minute walk from the mountain road to the "Drinking Cave". Pass by the magnificent New Longmen Bridge and the Yangtze River Bridge, and watch the scenery of Pinghu in the new reservoir area after the impoundment of the Three Gorges.

   Guandu Town has a high altitude, the local high mountain potatoes have a special taste, and the stewed bacon and native chicken are natural foods that are worth a try. In addition, Guandu Baijiu has a long history. It is brewed with sorghum, corn and pure mountain spring water through traditional techniques. It is strong, mellow and delicious.

   Phenomenon "Singing" often from March to August

   It is not difficult to find "drinking water holes". In Guandu Town, just ask "drinking water holes" and "singing holes", and almost no one knows.

   On October 28, under the leadership of local villager Deng Yingxiong and Guandu Town government staff, the reporter and his party took the flashlights they prepared in advance to the "drinking cave" located in Group 2 of Dianzi Village, Guandu Town.

   This famous "drinking hole" is actually just an earth-rock cave with an opening of about 2 meters in diameter. Its appearance is not good, and it looks the same as other nearby caves.

   Looking in from the entrance of the cave, the inside is obviously lower than the entrance of the cave.