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A masterpiece of pyramid aliens?

Since the beginning of the last century, with the development of science and the vigorous rise of archaeology, people’s investigation and research on the pyramids has become more and more thorough and comprehensive. Many scholars and archaeologists have carried out a lot of side surveys on the Pyramid of Khufu, and they have discovered many wonderful figures consciously or unconsciously.

For example, the square of the height of the Pyramid of Khufu is exactly equal to the area of ​​each of its triangular slopes; the height of the tower is enlarged by 1 billion times, which is approximately equal to the distance between the sun and the earth; the ratio of the height of the tower to the circumference of the tower is the radius of the earth and the circumference of the tower. Proportion: Divide the height of the tower by twice the bottom edge, which is equivalent to the approximate value of 3.14; the weight of the tower is multiplied by 10 to the 15th power, which is equal to the weight of the earth; the perimeter of the tower base is equivalent to the number of days in a year...

A masterpiece of pyramid aliens?

In addition to these peculiar numbers, there are also some interesting phenomena: if the diagonal line from the northeast corner to the southwest corner of the Pyramid of Khufu is extended, the same diagonal line as the Pyramid of Harvard can be overlapped; if two of them are added The diagonal line extends northward, which happens to be the two waists of the Nile Delta; the longitudinal bisector in the center of the extended bottom square passes exactly through the apex of the delta, divides it in half, and then extends the line. It becomes the earth The meridian divides the entire continent into two equal halves...

These numbers and phenomena have aroused people's strong interest because of their special exhaustion; are they just coincidences, or are they intentional?

Many people think that this is no accident, the purpose of the Egyptians building the pyramids.

It is not only to bury the dead bodies of the pharaohs, but to preserve their knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, and geometry in the design of the tower and pass it on from generation to generation. Therefore, these numbers have far-reaching implications.