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Remains of aliens in the underground world

   The underground world is an eternally dark, gloomy, cold, and strangely unknowable world. However, even if the curious adventurer is crushed, he is not afraid to enter the area and explore the secrets of the underground world.

Cave Refuge

   Turkey is located at the junction of Europe, Asia and Africa, and its geographical situation has its own special landscape. And one of this special landscape is that there are so many caves. Some people say there is a caveman’s paradise. In the past, Turkish residents often used caves as refuge in order to avoid enemy attacks. However, it is not possible for an ordinary person to really want to explore caves.

  He must have the physical strength of a mountaineer, the perseverance of a sailor, and the knowledge of a diver, etc., before he can explore the adventure in the completely unknown underground world. On July 21, 1969, the Argentine Morris conducted an underground expedition in Ecuador and obtained many precious first-hand information. Morris is a muscular middle-aged man with a bronze skin. A strong physique enables him to engage in such arduous underground work. What he found was an underground tunnel several kilometers long. To enter from the long and narrow hole, a rope must be used to hang to a platform more than 70 meters deep, and then descend along the rope. The same action has to be repeated several times before you can see the ancient underground world created by a certain mysterious tribe.

   These authentic corners are all right-angled rigorous designs, wide and narrow. All the walls are very smooth, as if someone wipes them frequently; the ceiling is also very flat, and many places look like a luminous paint. Obviously, these tunnels are not formed naturally. The tunnel suddenly widened at a certain bend. There is a spacious storage room, perhaps a distribution center, because countless corridors branch out in all directions.
Remains of aliens in the underground world

The compass needle is malfunctioning

   Here, the compass is useless, because of radiation, the compass needle is useless. Near the population of one of the branches of the corridor, there is a pile of bones piled on the ground, as if a doctor intentionally put it there to practice anatomy. Under the light of the flashlight, the bones appeared to be made of pure gold. In the whole tunnel, apart from being quiet, it was still quiet, and the darkness was darker than all the darkest nights! Entering from the seventh corridor, suddenly a rocky hall with an area of ​​21 square kilometers appeared. In front of me. Vaguely, there seemed to be a table in the center, and 7 chairs aside. They didn't feel as cold as a stone, but they weren't made of wood, let alone metal. They feel like a kind of plastic, but they are hard and heavy like copper.

  There are models of animals such as butterflies, lions, elephants, bears, leopards, bison, crocodile, etc. behind the chair. Those animal models are made of pure gold. On one side of the hall, there are some plaques that look like they are made of metal foil. They are thin and brittle, like a folio. There seemed to be something written on each piece of metal foil. The text on it is neatly organized, as if it were stamped on by a machine. There are two to three thousand pieces of such metal foil.

Mysterious stone carvings

   The treasure of the mysterious tunnel. There is a mysterious stone carving, 12 cm high and 6 cm wide, engraved with a hexagonal body, but the head is round, and it seems to be a child. He held the moon in his right hand. Holding the sun in his left hand. This is not worth the fuss, but his feet are firmly on a globe! This proves that our clever ancestors knew that humans lived on a spherical surface. Morris also found a model of a temple in the back. There was a guard standing guard with a hat on his head and a gun-shaped thing in his hand to defend himself. On the dome of the temple, some figures are hanging in the air.

   There is another stone statue of a mother and child with wings on their backs. The mother's arms embrace the young child, looking full of affection. Some stone statues with a height of 180 cm are really three heads and six arms. So far, no one knows who built this tunnel system, and no one knows which sculptor left these inexplicable works. However, not all of the collections here are stone statues.

Relics of aliens

From the excavated passage, people can’t help but think of whether this group of special people worked together to move these treasures to this basement, deliberately storing the meticulous masterpiece deep underground? No matter what the conjecture, in that road The population of this underground treasure is indeed guarded by a primitive Indian tribe. These Indians hid in the nearby woods, monitoring the activities of every stranger. Every spring, the chief of the Indian tribe descends to the first platform of the underground tunnel alone to pray. On both sides of his cheek were painted a decorative object symbolizing auspiciousness carved on the rock at the entrance of the tunnel. To this day, the tribe who guards the tunnel still makes masks and sculpts some long-nosed men—gas masks for entertainment. They also circulated the heroic deeds of flying men descending from the sky. Does that mean that they also had contact with aliens? And is this mysterious underground tunnel a relic left by aliens?